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The key to success is communication. With crystal clear communications, you can make your voice heard. With our protected, high-definition speech service for any application, iapp creates compelling voice experiences.

Creating a powerful solution that is tailored to the needs of each business improves communication and task efficiency. We make cutting-edge telecommunication equipment more accessible and deployable than they have ever been. You can be relaxed about the pricing as our services are pretty affordable.

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Most Common FAQs Pertaining to VoIP Services

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Nope. Our services are the most affordable in the market. We are best known for quality crystal clear audio/voice calls across the continents. VOIP is a lot less expensive than calling from a telephone.

When you move to a VoIP phone system, you may maintain your existing phone number. We suggest that you maintain your current phone numbers and that you do not migrate to a new VoIP system without keeping your current phone numbers.

With our updated VOIP solutions, you will be operating it on the smartphone.

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iapp technologies: One stop solution for your VOIP services to keep connected

We will be your constant companion with our VOIP services. Explore our offering:

VOIP solution

Personalized VOIP solution

Tailored made solutions as per your particular needs

Call Centres

Program for call centres

Our client service technology has a constructed agent console, CRM connectivity, and quality control features, giving you everything you could want to run an effective BPO.

Team Association

Team association

This technology allows mobile apps to move quicker, providing your consumers with a more enjoyable experience. Using AngularJS, create best-in-class and extensible data-driven mobile applications.

Chaired PBX

Chaired PBX

We enhance your hybrid apps with indigenous UI layout and components using Ionic software development. Create cross-platform programs that are safe and beautifully designed, with native features that never go undetected.

Household VOIP

Household VOIP

Use our Xamarin hybrid app development skills to create enterprise-grade applications that are aesthetically appealing and function well. Keep your Native UI free of platform concerns!

Integrated Interaction

Fully integrated Interaction

Your consumers will have the same sense of touch as mobile apps, thanks to a comprehensive array of extensions and robust capabilities. We utilize PhoneGap to create very cool cross- platform apps that allow you to interact with your users effortlessly.

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Custom-Made VoIP Solutions
Ready to Serve Your World

We have customized VoIP solutions for all sectors at iapp Technologies, whether you are BPO or an immobilizing agency. The modern aspects of our VoIP software include:

Voice Quality

High voice quality

Call Routing

Live and Intelligent call routing

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions with multi-layer protection

User-friendly Interfaces

User-friendly interfaces

Our Business Philosophy

Build the voice experience you need

Whether you are making a local or international call, our VoIP solutions are superior to any other VoIP software you have used before. Without breaking the wallet, our one-click VoIP software takes care of your communication demands. iapp Technologies is your comprehensive store for all VoIP solutions, whether you need to develop contact centre software or a suitable VoIP platform for unified communication. Once you have tried it, you will appreciate the quality as much as our other customers do!


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