The world is going mobile – is your website?

Reach your prospects at just the touch of a finger with mobile website design. An increasing number of consumers turn to their tablets, smartphones, laptops and iPhone to search a product or service on the internet. With over 38% of Google searches now originating from smartphones, can you afford to miss out on precious sales leads?
Having a right and responsive website can greatly benefit your company. Consider your website as an extension of your sales staff. You wouldn’t want to represent your company through a tousled salesman. Likewise you shouldn’t present an unremarkable and unresponsive website to the customer who is exclusively looking for your products or services online.

A mobile website design offers an optimized view of your existing website and business to provide a better navigation experience for your mobile users. People are searching you all the time. You just need to be present everywhere, and mobile website design does the exact thing for you. Outsourcing your mobile website design requirements to an offshore website design company can break the wall between you and your valuable visitors from different platforms.

iApp Technologies -offering the kind of mobile website design service you’re seeking!

At iApp Technologies, we make it possible for you to present on different platforms for your valuable customers. We offer mobile website design that can provide an optional view of your existing website in mobiles. We ensure that your relevant content is optimized to view on mobile devices. We offer user-friendly and intuitive mobile website designs created by professional and experienced UI/UX designers.

We have an enthusiastic team of pro-active, innovative and forward thinking designers and specialists determined to provide the best possible user experience for different platforms including laptops, iPhones, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

Know why you would want to hire us

We, at iApp Technologies, turn sporadic website ideas into steaming revenue. Our methodologies are designed to transform your business into a brand. We believe in smooth two-way communication, and thus provide ongoing support and recommendations to our clients. We employ cloud based collaboration tools such as Testflight, Invision, TeamworkPM, Asana and Basecamp.

We know the importance of having a responsive website therefore we put ourselves in your shoes to understand your requirements and needs. We also create website designs in CMS like wordpress, magento, Drupal and Opencart, and allow you to change your website content from different platforms.

Our inclusive strategy to website design goes beyond the conventional desktop view and covers how the website functions, how it looks, and how both visitor and administrator interact and use it-in office, at home, or even on vacation, - on mobile, tablet, laptop or iPhone.

Our mobile website design service focuses on

iApp Technologies has been in business for more than 6 years and delivering work to the highest standards.

Our mobile website design services include:

  • Easily accessible: We create easily accessible, usable and easy to navigate websites.
  • Web standards: Designing website with web standards offers high Google ranking, better value, better ROI and easy maintenance
  • Handcrafted Goodness: Our team of professionals creates custom-tailor website designs for particular needs and requirements for each client.

Just drop us a line telling us your requirements and we’ll be in touch with you soon