Mobile App Development– Where others hesitate, we thrive

Let’s put it straight! Do you know when your client goes mobile what’s to be done? How to retain that ‘moving’ customer while he might try out other options–your competitors, maybe? You might be vulnerable to losing that customer, right? So, don’t let that client base slip away so easily. Catch them on the go! And how? Well, target their mobile devices how others are doing it. And all you need is your app installed on their devices or in the app store so that more and more people can get in touch with you. In a time when the Internet reigns supreme— and it reigns supreme on mobile devices like mobile phone and tablets— no business can think of prospering without a Mobile App. Every business, all the way from e-commerce to taxi services, needs a mobile app. Not just for being there, but for cashing-in on the sea of opportunities. It’s thus of paramount importance to have an app developed to stay ahead in the race when it comes to running your business. You might be a business owner with an app idea, or an individual hoping to garner revenue out of an app, whatever is the case– all you need is an efficient company that could turn your novel app idea into a fully functional product.

iApp Technologies– Know How We Make a Difference:

iApp Technologies has successfully delivered over 100 mobile applications to various clients since 2011 all across the globe. By paying special attention towards user experience and UI, we cater to your customer centric needs. Our apps are of robust nature, and that helps you run your business with ease. Our team takes care of everything, and the ‘everything’ includes all the aspects of mobile app development and the factors pertaining to it. We not just take care of the UI better graphical rendering, but we keep in mind the unreliable networks and resultant of explosive growth of business. Security is never an optional feature with us. Your CMS needs will never be overlooked.
Platforms We Develop the Apps For
  • - ios
  • - Android
  • - Windows
  • - Blackberry

The services that the iApp Technologies offers:

If you need a custom app for mobile phones and tablets with a secure backhand, you don't need to look any further. Our experienced team of strategists, designers, and developers work day in and day out to get you what you want - the app of your choice and need. You name it, we build it.
  • Advanced real-time reporting and analytics
  • Strong integration of mobile app and enterprise systems
  • Cloud based collaboration for successful completion of projects
  • Development of apps for an array of business categories like e-commerce, banking, healthcare, real state, publishing and the others
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • Open Source CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) freedom
  • Customized app development for mobile phones

iApp Technologies, Ground Floor, KMG Towers, Sector 67, Mohali (Punjab), 160062