iApp Technologies— We Know iPad App Development as No One does!

You’re travelling and need to check the price of that stock you bought, what do you need? Just an iPad. You’re in the mood for some groovy music, what do you need? Just an iPad. You wanna quick recharge your satellite TV? iPad. It’s high time you bought yourself a new entertainment system, that’s literally an iPad away. Did you know, that you could actually use your iPad as a card table and the players can use their iPhones as card holders, while playing a game of bridge? WHAT!!?? Yes it’s true! So how exactly does an iPad do all the amazing things it can? The answer is APPS! All the things mentioned above are made possible through some app or another. From banking to travel reservations, apps have perforated the global cyber market like never before. And in such a scenario, apps have become one of the most important marketing tools for almost every kind of business.

You Know the Wonders of iPad— Now Know About Us!

iApp Technologies has been into application development since 2011, delivering more than 100 rich mobile applications for clients across the globe. Working with and for a client base of diverse background and requirements has helped us gain extensive experience and ability to provide solutions to a wide range of business problems. Our style of development considers helping brands gain excellence the primary objective of our relationship with those brands. We take a random app-idea and turn into a venture which brings about steaming revenues. We listen, guide and help you get closer to your business aspirations.

Our Methodology is What Keeps Us Ahead

We, at iApp technologies, help you bring your ideas to life, by delivering top quality solutions for all your app development needs. Our work flow starts with putting ourselves in your place to fully understand your actual requirements before we actually get to the development stage. This helps us make the right set of recommendations to ensure we provide you with a good product to take the market by storm. Our USP is our proficiency with the nuances of development of apps for multiple platforms, be it  iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), or Android-based Phone and Tablet App Development using native SDKs as well as cross platform compatible frameworks like Phonegap, Ionic, Telerik and Cordova.

At iApp Technologies We Offer Much More than Just iPad Apps

In addition to app development we are also into the business of website design and development, an indispensable part of e-marketing. CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OpenCart as well as custom frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, YII, Zend, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails and many more are extensively used for design and development of websites. Our areas of expertise also include Front-End Development, Graphics/Web Designing, HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive Design and Layout. We have expertise in complex call tracking, Record Phone Calls, multi-trunks, queues, IVR recording, real-time reporting and analytics. Communication is a major factor for any project successful completion. We use cloud based collaboration tools like Basecamp, Asana, TeamworkPM, Invision, Testflight or others based on your choice. We use SVN, Bitbucket and GitHub approaches to private and public repositories of source code as well. So, feel convinced of our iPad App development skills? Get in touch with us to take your app idea ahead. You never know your iPad app could add laurels to your business!