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The number of smartphone users is expected to surpass the 2 billion mark by the year 2016. Two billion smartphone users on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and so on. What about an app, folks, that is compatible with all the smartphone platforms; an app for your business that gives you access to all the available platforms with equal ease. Isn't the proposition a mouthwatering one! That is what a cross-platform app is all about. If fully loaded with all the requisite features like interesting user interface, data efficiency, re-usability of codes, redundancy fortification, required plugins, and of course, reasonable pricing, the cross-platform app has the potential to take your business to the vertical limits.

iApp Technologies - Your search for a cross-platform app development solution ends here

Our goal, here at iApp Technologies, is to provide you with a robust, lag-free, bug-free cross-platform app. Our developers are masters of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, the tools required to create a state of the art cross-platform app. With these coding means, they make use of the common hardware features available with all mobile devices to create the UI required for each OS available. Our best-in-class code reusability lets you publish your app on all major platforms without taking any extra mental stress. In addition, we make sure that any new version of any OS will never render your app redundant or make it bug prone.

Why would it be a win-win situation for you, if you deal with us

iApp technologies is your ultimate companion in the vast and rapidly growing world of technology. By collaborating with us you don’t just get business assistance (through your cross platform app, of course), you get mental peace. Our main benefits are:
  • We never compromise on the performance quality like other cross-platform app developers
  • The hardware restrictions of a particular device is never allowed to hinder the performance of our cross-platform apps
  • No connection restriction
  • Special attention is given to the coding process so that the your hybrid app never faces a jolt when you wish to move from one OS to another, no seller lock-in at all
  • No unnecessary updated required
  • Our team has a mastery over each and every tool required to develop a good solid hybrid app. We hold special dexterity over tools like Xamarin, Apache Cordova/PhoneGap, Appcelerator, iFactr, Kony, and Sencha
  • We deliver full, unadulterated native app for a better user experience
  • App is designed keeping in view the needs and taste of the end users
  • Huge effort is put in to make sure that the error-prone manual testing processes are kept at a bay; that reduces the cost of the app development significantly.
  • You get real time mobile analytics to keep track you’re your business, at the time and place of your choice
See your business idea getting a concrete shape, your dream realized. In a world where technology reigns supreme, let your cross-platform app do the talking for the business. Get your quote now, and enter the world of vast opportunities.