Android App Development Made Easy, Reliable, and Cost Effective

It is no hidden secret that the Android OS rules the mobile phone landscape today. It proudly reigns over two-thirds of the mobile phone market in the present day scenario. All the big handset makers from all quarters of the world want to be associated with Android, and those who showed reluctance in doing the same, have either been sold out or are on the verge on being sold out. All the way from Samsung to HTC to LG, everyone is chasing one big means to the pinnacle - Android!

If Android OS rules the market by such a huge margin, then think what a solid and reliable Android app on the Google Play Store can do to your business. It can make your business fly; it can take your business to almost each and every household, all across the country, and all across the world.

The iAppTechnologies – Providing solution to all your possible needs

Since its inception in the year 2011, iApp Technologies, has delivered over a hundred apps to an array of satisfied clients all across the world. Our experienced developers have an in-depth knowledge of all major Android App development platforms such as Android SDK, Gimbal Context Aware, Titanium Mobile SDK, Vuforia Augmented Reality etc. We not just do business, we earn respected from our satisfied clients. Whatever your business is our goal is to see you meet your objective.

The iApp Technologies advantages:

We, at the iApp Technologies, make sure that you get your Android app as desired by you, as needed by your business. Regardless of what business you are into, our experienced team of architects, designers, and developers caters all your needs. Have a look at our offerings:
  • Confidentiality, we keep the information provided by you tightly protected from the world outside
  • Robust backend, beautiful front end
  • 24x7 tech support
  • R&D regarding all the app requirements
  • We cover almost all the industries like Business, Game, Security, E-commerce, Travel, Healthcare, and so on
  • The needs and deeds of the end users are always kept in the foresight so that your app never faces redundancy
  • Face to face interaction to discuss every single detail about your needs and our resource
  • Virtual/paper prototyping
  • We keep you informed at each step of our qualitative app development process
  • Light weight and data efficient app work
  • Excellent CRO job to make your visitors your prospective customers
  • And yes, cost efficient and reliable android app development services
Your collaboration with us not just opens up the doors to the vast world of Android technology, it simplify that for you as well. You will never again have to deal with a headache or two, just concentrate on your business, period! In the ever-expanding world of Android OS, one robust and reliable app can change the game on its head for you. Get your quote now, and let us take care of everything else.